Monarch Global

Every Breath Counts.

Our Mission

Over a year ago we donated our limousines to CHOC Hospital to help children & adults enjoy a ride in our limos for an event at CHOC Hospital. When the event was over we found out that not one of the children or adults were able to enjoy a ride in the limos because of of many reasons that could cause problems with breathing & possible allergic reations to things such as certain cleaning chemicals or non ECO friendly materials. 

We donate to Cystic Fibrosis as this is very near & dear to our hearts having two children with cystic fibrosis! At that point we decided to make a change as a company & transform a limousine like no other in the world with all of the modern technologies that are in patients rooms along with all of the emergency equiptment that an ambulance would have as well! We are in the process of not only changing the environment but, for the first time making it possible to enjoy a ride in a limo, after all they are the real celebrities!!! With your help we can make dreams come true & donate these one of a kind limos.        

Changing Our Company To Help Find A Cure

Helping The Build

We are always looking for help with better ways to improve the environment, along with helping people with special needs, dreams come true! We welcome everyone to come to our facility and join us for a tour to show you what goes into the making of such a unique limousine and are always looking for the latest technology to help improve them.

Modern Technology

 All our limousines will be equipt with state of the art technology  and services are provided by professionals. Our crew uses only modern machines and technologies such as air purifying systems and ECO friendly cleaning supplies.

Limousine Donation

We will donate our state of the art limousines to special events and all people with special needs only. Theses state of the art limousines are not going to be rented out for any other purpose.

Dedicated Team

Robert Tranchina


Driven to aiding kids around the world. One breath at a time.


Understanding Your Needs

This is very near & dear to us as we have two children with CF. This is very personal & a life long goal of ours to help find a cure! 

Important to us

Every child or adult is important to us, so we will help in everyway we can to help you living a happy, healthy, more productive life!